We Provide Cost Effective, Flexible and Healthy Environment Workspaces which Energise and Inspire you to Achieve your Business Goals.


We Invite Entrepreneurs for Various Programmes and Activities to Build a Friendly Community, which helps them to grow their Businesss Rapidly.


We are Easily Accessible and Centrally Located in Pune, Surrounded by IT Parks, Malls, Theatres and Hotels.


Silent, Cool & Crowd Free with Good Air Quality at Millionet, Create a Positive Working Environment More Pleasant to Work in, Ensuring Valued Satisfaction.



Dear Entrepreneurs,
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We have the pleasure in stating that, we are one of the experienced leading Developers & Builders of the city, having a good hold in constructing a number of private & government schemes since 1989.
Now being started our new concern by name "MILLIONET" we have developed a Complete Business Centre which suits & serves you as per your requirements that too satisfactorily.
We shall be thankful if you kindly enlist our name on your mailing list for Enquiries & Bookings in connection with services for "#Offices #Workstations #Co-Working Spaces #Cabins #Conference Hall #Discussion Rooms #Video Conferencing Rooms #Meeting/Interview Rooms #Virtual Offices #Training Rooms"
We trust, we shall be able to serve you better by making a quality services at moderate prices. We confidently hope that you will kindly be benefited by our royal & favourable services whenever you have such requirements.


According to us, "SPIRITUALITY" is "DEPENDING UPON WHO IS ASKED" and we have a strong belief that we depend on our "CUSTOMER"
Finding our Spirituality in our Customer, makes us feel enlightened and bring strong emotion and deep feeling
According to Hindu mythology "GURU" is our Chief Priest and is worshipped for Good Luck
We have a dedication for our Customer and we believe that he is the only "GURU" for us
To maintain the integrity of what we find to be spiritual for our countless customers, we offer varieties of lunch on every "GURUVARS" (Thursdays)
We always have a feeling that we are the devotees, which pray for blessings of our "GURU" to attain Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Peace & Happiness.


We ensure greater transparency of operations and facilitate easier communication.
We promote a feeling of oneness with lesser disturbances and try to lay greater emphasis on teamwork for all our customers by being more efficient & effective.
The Spirit "WE" is contributed to synergy which in turn gives our customers more productivity & respect.
"THE CUSTOMERS PAY OUR SALARIES", is well accepted by our employees of Organization, with due satisfaction to our customers who buys our services.
Being a Service Organization, factors like Response Time, Quality of Service Provided, Attitude to Help & such are always assessed by the employees, all in a bid to build up a lasting relationships and ensure that every customer feels proud to be a part of our organization.
Here "ALL EMPLOYEES ARE EQUAL" this means that Executives and Senior Managers are entitled to better facilities at our work place.







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A. Brokers, Associates & Landlords can become Channel Partners for New MILLIONET Business Center by signing up Earning Brokerages Commission upto 1lakh to 10 lakh per property depending upon size of properties.

B. SEAT BOOKING COMMISSIONS:- One Month Commission for minimum One Year sign up, whereas less than 6 months, its only 15 days + One Spa Free on Every Booking after getting Security Deposit from Customer.

C. We MILLIONET Business Center take ONLY COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES for Sign up. The Minimum Area Required Is 1000 Sq.Ft. Carpet Area excluding Basements and Parkings.

D. The Procedure for Selection of PROPERTIES will be:-

  1. We will require google map location, floor plan, images & pics (Internal & External) of PROPERTIES ON WHATSAPP NO. 9270994994. So that we can get a Clear & Fair IDEA OF PROPERTY & in case the PROPERTY IS FULLY FURNISHED, then we require the LAYOUT OF PROPERTY along with the NO. OF SEATS, CABINS, CONFERENCE ROOM.

  2. The Entire Calculation of ROI of RENT / SHARE depends upon that if the PROPERTY is RAW or SEMI FURNISHED we have the Calculation based upon Seats. Our One Seat comes on approximate 50 Sq.Ft. It means suppose we are discussing about 1000 Sq.Ft COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, we can have 20 SEATS. Now anybody can calculate how many seats we can make in his property.

E. What is OUR MODEL?

We will not be TENANTS, but we have Tenants or Occupancy with Us. Landlord / Owner have invested in Property & MILLIONET Business Center Invests in Occupancy & Operations. Now we come on Equal Platform First. Then we advice Landlord / Owner to convert / furnish the PROPERTY from RAW TO FULLY FURNISHED through OPERATOR MODEL. With MILLIONET Business Center sign up & we share Rentals. We do the ENTIRE OPERATIONS as an OPERATOR. We Lease with Landlord / Owner for a minimum period of 5 Years TO 9 Years, period depends upon the PROPERTY is FULLY FURNISHED OR NOT. After Signing Up with us the Landlord / Owner don't do any Expenditures from his side. All OPERATIONAL EXPENDITURE IS BORNE DIRECTLY BY MILLIONET. Brokers / Landlords / Owners visit to our operational BUSINESS CENTERS to verify, see & physically understand our model / working system. All arising questions by Brokers & Landlords / Owners are answered by us. Rest to clear all Doubts our Team & Staff will be there. Till then NO SITE VISIT. We Do This Because in this We Visit Only Those Properties where Our MODEL IS ACCEPTABLE.

Our Valuable

Complete Business Center

Sai Sapphires,
Behind Medipoint Hospital,
Vidhate Colony, Aundh, Pune - 411007.

+91 73 5050 2525